Mobile phones are much more than a gadget you use to phone friends and family. You can play games, listen to your favourite songs, take photographs, surf the web and even bank on the move.

When it comes to Mobile Banking, you’re in safe hands with us. We take security seriously and use the latest cutting edge technology to protect your personal information.

We have also developed the Bank of Scotland app, a safe and secure application you can download and then use to gain instant, easy access to your bank accounts.

'If a customer of our online service is a victim of online fraud, we guarantee that they won't lose any money from their account and will always be reimbursed in full.'

How to protect yourself

We work hard every day to protect you and your money, but there are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

  • Protect your passwords

    Never share your mobile security information with anyone, don&t store it on your device and always set up a password or PIN to access your mobile device(s).

  • Safeguard your screen

    When you access Internet Banking using a mobile device always make sure that a padlock appears on the top of your screen – if it's there you&re protected.

  • Use official app stores

    Our apps are only available from official app stores. Only ever use official app stores to avoid installing rogue apps. Always use the official Bank of Scotland mobile banking app or browser site to do your banking.

  • Keep up to date

    Speak to your mobile phone provider and ask them for advice on software available to protect you from viruses and other online hazards.

  • Be aware of Bluetooth

    If you’re not using your Bluetooth connection switch it off. Leaving it turned on opens up your mobile device to people who might want to illegally access your information.

  • Text message and email

    Always be cautious when following links in text messages or emails. Remember, we will never ask you to link to a log in page that asks for your security information.

What to do if you receive a text message

Sometimes we will text you to give you information about your account. We always address our text messages personally, using your name or the last four digits of your account number or four characters from your postcode.

We never send text messages addressed with greetings such as ‘Dear Valued Customer’. All text messages will state they come from Bank of Scotland, addressed to you personally, and if the message contains a link it will end

If you receive a text message that you’re worried about or looks suspicious please don’t open, forward or reply to it. Email the details to and we will look into it and use the information to help identify fraud.

More information

You can find out more about how we protect you and your money and get details about our online banking guarantee by visiting our security pages at